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Amazingly, “Kawaipunahele” was the first song Reichel composed. The romantic piece became a trademark of the Kahauanu Lake Trio, who helped establish the song as standard for hula h-alau. “Blue Hawai‘i” has become indelibly linked to Elvis Presley, thanks to his swoon-inducing performance in the 1961 movie of the same name. 11. Hawaiian activist and composer Liko Martin originally wrote this song as “Na-na-kuli Blues.” But when Country Comfort recorded it for their 1974 album We are the Children, the group localized the song as a political protest about the development taking place all around them: “Spun right around and found that I’d lost/ the things that I couldn’t lose/ the beaches they sell to build their hotels/ my fathers and I once knew.”. Says Hawaiian historian and singer Nalani Olds, “When I was with the Royal Hawaiian Band, we took a six-week tour of Europe, and it was amazing to hear ‘Aloha Oe’ done in so many foreign tongues. “A beautiful melody, great intervals, gorgeous chords—truly an inspired work.”, Beamer says she wrote this lullaby after returning from a tour in 1949. One of the easiest ways to experience Hawaii is through its music. In 2003 he reunited with Gilliom for a concert tour that produced a live album in 2004 and became one of the five finalists for the newly created Hawaiian music category at the Grammy Awards in 2005. Keola Beamer has been playing and composing for most of his life, but “Honolulu City Lights,” a song he wrote almost 30 years ago, remains his most popular creation. The queen was the most prolific among the royal composers, which included her siblings who lived to adulthood, Kalākaua, Likelike and Leleiōhoku. “But the song goes way back, and I’ve got lots of other versions in which no one ever did that. “I wrote ‘You Ku‘uipo’ as a thank you to the Islands for the beauty and the love that they taught me.” He wrote most of the lyrics in 1984, while living on Maui, but it wasn’t until 1990, when he met up with old friend Willie Kahaiali‘i in San Francisco, that words and music came together. Lyrics by Amy Hānaiali‘i Gilliom, Music by William Kahaiali‘i, 1998 This song was actually inspired, composed and recorded right in Pālehua. Browse YouTube or Spotify for Hawaiian radio stations and playlists, starting with classic legends like Israel Kamakawiwoʻole (also known as Bruddah Iz), William Kahaiali'i (Willie K) or Henry Kapono. Born on the island of Maui, Willie K is one of Hawaii's most gifted musicians. 4. He was 59. “There were prisoners from Hawai‘i, and I thought about all of their loved ones back home. Online tickets on sale now here: Teenage Porn Star Controversy Rocks California High School. “She was a staunch Mormon and would relish the drives to the temple in Lā‘ie because of the fragrant limu as we passed Ka‘a‘awa and Punalu‘u,” recalls her daughter Nalani. They were hanging out at a friend’s apartment one night when Lee revealed that he had cancer. William Awihilima Kahaiali'i. “What I saw in him was a talent far beyond what you would expect,” De Lima reminisced Tuesday. 7. Browse YouTube or Spotify for Hawaiian radio stations and playlists, starting with classic legends like Israel Kamakawiwoʻole (also known as Bruddah Iz), William Kahaiali'i (Willie K) or Henry Kapono. I live in Hawaii, and let me tell you, He is the best! Listen to Hawaiian Music . By the time he graduated from Lahainaluna High School in 1979, he was playing everything from Top 40 and Latin to American country music and the classic rock of Jimi Hendrix. The iconic palace was built in 1882 by Hawaii’s last king, King Kalakaua. On its face, nothing could be simpler than this song. “The boys knew this was going to be our No. “What had happened, and this is a Hawaiian practice, is that the new ruler is entitled to put his name on anything. His string work included guitar, ukulele, mandolin, and possibly other string instruments. But with lyrics such as, “sweetheart, you are so precious, I pledge my love to you alone,” its appeal as a song of dedication is undeniable, leading everyone from Alfred Apaka to Andy Williams to offer their own version. “I’m the youngest of nine children, and very few of the others have gone away from home. Keola says, “In a strange way, my life ended up following that song. I left the prison, and I’ll never forget the sound of the door slamming, this huge metal thud. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. Kamakahi, who grew up speaking Hawaiian, composed the words and melody that night. Honestly 7. Considered one of Hawai‘i’s most erotic love songs, “Pua Līlia” is a favorite among such recording artists as Robert Cazimero and Marlene Sai because of its dynamic melodic range, which showcases their vocal prowess. He was 59. “Man is like that: one day our sun will set,” he explains. “We were surprised at how the album was received, because we didn’t set out to change anything.”, A beautiful tune extolling the Farden family’s home in Lahaina, Maui. He's been referred to as the Hawaiian Jimi Hendrix; floating between beautiful Hawaiian music with the ukulele and sweet slack key guitar, to searing stratocaster-inspired rock music, and even smooth jazzy music. So when Kalākaua takes the throne, he becomes attributed as the composer.”. He then established a new record label, Maui Tribe, and released an album of traditional Hawaiian music. While Lili‘uokalani was imprisoned for eight months at ‘Iolani Palace after the overthrow of the monarchy, she described composing as a “a gift of nature [which], never having been suffered to fall into disuse, remains a source of the greatest consolation today. See the islands from the sky with Blue Hawaiian Helicopters or watch the sunrise on Maui. Leah Bernstein of Mountain Apple Co. says various edits of the song have been licensed 111 times to punctuate movies, television dramas, commercials and even Web sites. 21 on our list. My Moloka`i Woman 12. Passport To Adventure: Tour From Home Edition. Originally entitled “Mele ‘Ai Pōhaku,” (the stone-eating song), it protests Hawai‘i’s annexation with bitter lyrics: “We do not value the government’s sums of money. Kumu hula Leina‘ala Kalama Heine choreographed its hula, helping to make the song a standard for h-alau across the Islands. Having trouble with comments? If at any time he's in a jam she'll be by his side, But he doesn't realize he hurts her so much. An important part of his legacy is the example he set for younger musicians as a role model and mentor. Then-member Keli‘i Kaneali‘i provided the song’s searing lead vocal, but Hawai‘i listeners wouldn’t hear it until a decade later, when the group released its self-titled debut. Fruits are part of our history and culture, a way for us to feel connected to our community. “We actually went outside the studio and recorded in the bushes.”, This 1935 Harry Owens composition was once an essential part of an evening out on the town in Hawai‘i. “The events of the time made this album,” Moon told HONOLULU in 2004. It's not Christmas until we hear Willie K sing this song. See South Kona, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Kilauea Volcano, Puna Coast, and Hilo Town, complete with all the scenic natural rainforests, black sand beaches, and waterfalls visitors come to Hawaii to enjoy. “We had a break from the prayers and ceremony, and I looked over the channel over to Maui, and I was missing home,” he recalls. Collectively, they The origins of the song, which experienced a revival with the Sons of Hawai‘i’s 1971 recording, are often disputed. Hawaiian Pride 5. Waterfall Once you're able to hop on a plane to Hawaii in the future, you'll already be well-versed in some of the local music! “I asked her, ‘Auntie, how did you write this beautiful song?’ She said, ‘I was in my home, sweeping my floor, and the breeze was coming through, and I thought, oh, how beautiful,’” Beamer says. When the recorded version of the song appeared on Olomana’s 1976 debut album Like a Seabird in the Wind, it was an immediate sensation, garnering heavy radio play despite its 6 ½ minute playing time. All of these people knew it, even in the remotest places.”. Welcome to the official Willie K website! I ended up traveling around the world, much more than I thought I would in my youth, through Europe and Asia. In the recording studio, their uncle Mahi Beamer added a descending piano counter melody taken from his grandmother Helen Desha Beamer’s “To You.” Combined with a lush complementary string arrangement from producer Teddy Randazzo, the effect was a knockout. I have a sister whose whole life has been in a one-mile radius from where we grew up [in Kahalu‘u]. “Because of the Hawaiian tradition of kaona (hidden meaning), the meaning of a song is often only known by composer and the person it was composed for,” says historian Nalani Olds. “Throughout the ’50s, it was a huge standard … because this icon of Hawaiian music sang it,” says radio host Harry B. Soria Jr. “About You” was inspired by Rodriguez’s real-life fling during a ski vacation in Colorado.

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